Parents! You care about the environment and also your family’s health, so it’s time to embrace your eco-friendly preschool.

It’s so nice to see that many preschools and childcare centers around the U.S. are embracing eco-friendly ways to create an eco-happy-healthy lifestyle.

The State of Oregon’s Environmental Council has taken a pioneering role in certifying child-care centers and preschools with their Eco-Healthy Child Care program. Kidz Go Eco has qualified as an “Eco-Healthy” facility by completing a 25 element checklist that highlights 25 steps preschools can take to ensure a safe place for children. Please check our Eco-Friendly Tips which shows our commitment to reducing a child’s exposure to toxins and other environmental health hazards.

Parents, as you know, children’s little lungs and respiratory systems are particularly sensitive to toxins and irritants in cleaners, carpeting, furniture and other elements. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to indoor air quality when children are in the mix. We like our families to be rest assured that Kidz Go Eco uses non-toxic cleaners and is careful about outdoor and other pollutants that might come in from landscaping, street care, etc.

Kidz Go Eco’s Eco-Friendly Tips includes concerns about cleaning toxins, lead paint, furniture, plastic toys, recycling and more. We encourage parents to check out our online list so as a parent you can make small changes and you may inspire other families to take positive action too!

We like to say “We Go Eco!” So here’s to healthy “kidz” and a healthy planet!

Sustainably Yours,

~Miss Michelle (AKA Miss Green)
Kidz Go Eco