Enriched By Nature

End of Year Tea Party

May 6, 2023

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Join us to celebrate the Spring Equinox! “Roots of understanding grow deep when curious minds are nourished in nature.” Spring is a time to recognize change and the beauty of nature- notice, wonder, and reflect with us as we search for the new signs of life that come with this new season. Students will plant their own seeds to bring home and watch grow! 

Children do need to be potty trained!
Parents get to drop off children at 4:00pm and and pick up is for 7:00pm. Parents provide a packed dinner and change of clothes. With the seasons changing we ask to make sure children have proper outer wear. This is a fun event and children have access to inside the classrooms and the outdoors!
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It takes a community

As the proverb illustrates, it takes a village to raise a child and for a small independent school it takes the thoughtful efforts and creative resources of the community to educate the village’s children.We are deeply grateful for your willingness to support our nature school, whether monetary, contributions of classroom supplies/equipment/furniture, kind words of encouragement, lifting our educators spirits with a special thank you, or your own unique offering. Your donation makes a difference and with your generosity and thoughtfulness, kidz go eco is a very special place for all the children that attend our school. We want to thank you for all your in kind support!