Our Nature School

Our Classrooms

Kidz Go Eco was established in 2009 and is licensed for 36 children. Our nature school has three small buildings that we’ve named Nature Classroom 1, Nature Classroom 2, and Nature Classroom 3. Our small class sizes of 12 children in each building with 2 Eco-Educators enhances learning and allows the educators to tailor learning more individually. Each classroom is designed to create an atmosphere that is developmentally appropriate that offers more one-to-one attention for the educators. From our acres of forest and wetlands, to our inspiring indoor natural classrooms, our students will learn in a variety of environments.

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Nature School Grounds

Kidz Go Eco is located on land comprised of forest and wetland habitats, nature gardens, nature trails, nature interpretive signs, an open field, a bear den, and a beautiful natural cedar playground set, which is perfect for exploration and endless discoveries!

Creative and Skill Based Play

Along with the grounds, we have designated learning areas both covered and uncovered to enhance creative play, cognitive thinking, and skilled-based play. Your child will engage in dramatic play with the environment being the third teacher. From making stew in the mud kitchen, to playing at the “Tipi”, or exploring our pretend bear den, to playing house under the hemlock trees, children have many opportunities to seek and explore a balance of creative and skill based learning.

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Indoor Learning

While we spend the majority of our time outdoors, when extreme weather prohibits this we have separate buildings with inspiring, modern, and natural classrooms for developmentally appropriate practices. Our indoor learning spaces offer a robust selection of wooden toys, animal figurines, creative art materials, writing tools, light tables and light projectors, story books, and beautiful areas to provoke children’s interest and curiosities.

Flora & Fauna

On our grounds, we are in awe of nature, everyday. From flowering plants, to our touch, feel, and smell garden, to families of chipmunks, to our popular Pileated Woodpeckers, to salamanders hiding under logs, to our amazing aquatic frogs and our educational hermit crab habitat, to eastern wild turkeys, to our famous ” Rojo” the red squirrel, to the colorful mushrooms in the forest, to our peaceful backyard birds coming to feed and lay eggs, and to all the fascinating insects in which encompass all signs of life and of nature that represent KGE.

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Atelier In Nature

An Atelier is a “French” word for a workshop or studio . The Atelier is a setting that enriches each child’s creative experiences by using paint, chalk, clay, recycled art, beads, loose parts and is a space set aside for personal expression, inventions, and originality. The ‘Atelier’ is a concept central to Reggio pedagogy.

Our “Atelier of Nature” offers everything that an indoor atelier provides and taking this frame of thought opens up possibilities of exploring the concept of ateliers as they relate to nature.

Light Atelier

Kidz Go Eco does provide other areas for discovery through was is called a “Light Atelier.” This is a space of research and experimentation where light in its different forms is investigated, through explorations provoking wonder and curiosity, and which stimulate creativity and deeper knowledge.

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Our School Through A Lens

Our Mission For Growth

Our culture for achievement is to create a nature school so welcoming, so inviting that every child who walks through our doors has an amazing experience. We explore, connect, and investigate beautiful environments where we provoke each child’s interests. As eco‑educators we thrive on GUIDING each child to practice good citizenship, conservation literacy, and kindergarden readiness.

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It takes a community

As the proverb illustrates, it takes a village to raise a child and for a small independent school it takes the thoughtful efforts and creative resources of the community to educate the village’s children.We are deeply grateful for your willingness to support our nature school, whether monetary, contributions of classroom supplies/equipment/furniture, kind words of encouragement, lifting our educators spirits with a special thank you, or your own unique offering. Your donation makes a difference and with your generosity and thoughtfulness, kidz go eco is a very special place for all the children that attend our school. We want to thank you for all your in kind support!