“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”
– Charles Darwin

Maine Wildlife SignAh, change. Do you embrace this beautiful and inevitable constant in life: change? Without change… life is stale, limited, and minimal. Without change… there isn’t growth. Babies are born, littles turn into adults, adults grow into elderly folks… and the circle of life continues. Relationships end, new chapters begin, love comes and flows. Nothing is untouched by change; even in nature, a flower doesn’t live forever, regardless of how beautiful it is. Yet each year, we are blessed with more gifts, joys, and love… all while being faced with challenges, hardship, and lessons.

So… here we are… another calendar is ready to be thrown away… the last page of our datebooks linger… and people are declaring new resolutions with the utmost confidence. Although it is tempting to follow the crowd and “sweat the small stuff” this time of year; be the leader you were born to be. Observe, sit still, set intentions for the upcoming year, and reflect in gratitude. Create space for all the beautiful changes coming your way, by gently letting go of what no longer serves you and preparing your mind, body, and soul to allow the unfolding to happen.

One beautiful way to embrace change in this new year, is to write a gratitude journal for the previous year. Showing gratitude for the blessings and lessons; it is such a profound experience that may help shift your perspective around this anxious time of year. When you envision this blank, clean slate ahead of you; step into it with good intentions and choose happiness.

Happiness is a choice, we always have a choice, and although chaos could be happening outside of you… your perception determines your emotions… so choose happiness. Instead of saying, “WHY is this happening to me?!” try saying, “Ok, this is happening whether I like it or not, why could this be in my path? What’s the lesson here?”

Remember that at every point in your life, you have a choice; a choice to embrace change or resist change. When you embrace change… change may bring you growth, new possibilities, and new lessons. We’ve all heard the saying, “Go with the flow.” but really sit with this quote. When you go with the flow, with the movement of time and change, growth is the natural result.

We are only here for a short time my friends, it is such a brief life when you think about it. Although this life is filled with ups and downs, it is merely a large quantity of lessons and experiences for the growth of your beautiful soul. Stay grounded, be present, trust your journey, and welcome change with wisdom and comfort. Happy New Year!

– Jessica Smith, B.S.