“We nurture our creativity when we release our inner child. Let it run and roam free. It will take you on a brighter journey.”
– Serina Hartwell


Our “inner child” is the source of our vitality and creativity. The concept of our “inner child” is that deep within each of us, is the memory of the child outgrown, and this “inner child” continues to live and interact with the present, even as it reflects the past. Developing a relationship with your inner child can heal emotional problems from childhood as well as help you embrace your inner creativity and imagination.

A few ways to connect to your inner child are: identifying your inner child, writing a letter to your inner child to repair the connection, and creating an open space for vulnerability, safety, and gentle trust. Remember, you are all grown up now, but your inner child helped mold you into the beautiful human you are today. Maybe you had the best childhood or a horrific one, or something in-between, but the fact is you are all grown up. There is no need to blame your parents, teachers, or friends for where you are now. At this moment, right now, you are the adult. You can make the choice to heal past wounds. You can choose to nurture all the parts of yourself. Blame keeps us stuck. Forgiving leads to healing, which opens the door to loving. You can begin to love your life. Tap into the love and the nurturing and allow yourself to heal. Enjoy your inner child. Play, laugh, smile, love. Look at the world with new wonder and awe.

Every day, remind yourself by affirming; I embrace my inner child, I love and approve of myself, I create my future with joy as I nurture each part of myself, I take loving care of myself and my inner child. As you connect with that playful innocence of childhood, you will bring a new sense of joy and fun into your life.

– Jessica Smith, B.S.