“Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained, and delighted.” ­
– Dr. Suess


Littles are typically feeling two emotions when fall rolls around: excitement and nervousness. Getting back into a routine can be an adjustment for both littles and parents. One great idea is to start small and slow; ease into the ‘back to school’ routine a few weeks before the actual first day of school. Anytime there is an abrupt change within a littles life, numerous feelings flood their mind; such as anxiety, confusion, or nervousness. This is why easing back into the fall routine is so very important, to keep your little calm, aware, and excited about the transition. Make the night before count. In addition to brushing their teeth and washing their hands, add picking out their clothes to the nighttime routine. Build in some scheduled reading time before bed or in the afternoon, this will assist you with easing into ‘homework’ time. Most importantly, and my favorite tip, is talk with your littles. Talk with them about the upcoming school year, help them set personal goals for themselves, make a chart that helps with homework, goals, and/or time management. Reassure them, the precious beings they are, that it is okay to feel nervous but encourage them to get excited about a new chapter in their little lives. They feel what you feel…so be aware of your own facial expressions and body language. Tell them and show them just how exciting this new school year will be!

– Jessica Smith, B.S.