“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”
– Desmond Tutu


While traveling home, my son, Benjamin and I pulled off the highway to stop for coffee and a treat. The local coffee shop wasn’t very busy and only had two young men working… which seemed logical. Benjamin and I were second in line and behind us was an elderly couple. As we approached the cashier, we made some friendly small talk and stated our order. All of this took, maybe, a few minutes. The elderly couple behind us started saying, “Can we get helped soon..? We’ve been here for like an hour!” After another minute we were handed our coffee but were still waiting for Benjamin’s drink. The couple proceeded to sigh profusely and state, “geez they need some help back there or what!?” Benjamin leans into the counter and whispers to the young man, “I’m sorry they are being mean, they should know to be kind to people trying their best.” As we left the man behind the counter proceeded to ask the couple, “Sorry about the wait, may I help you?” to which they responded, “geez about time!”

Benjamin and I processed on the way home. His words: “I wouldn’t say anything to that couple because they were mad. You should just leave people that are mad alone. Because you could make them madder. I needed to tell that guy that I felt bad they were being mean to him. I wanted to tell him I hope his heart doesn’t hurt, but I forgot.”

Every day brings new opportunities, new teaching experiences, and new places to wish someone a bit of kindness. Sure, kindness takes courage. Especially when we’re not feeling 100%. But let’s fight back against unkindness and be the best versions of ourselves that we possibly can be. Be kind to everyone, always. It might not make the world go around, but it certainly makes it a lot more joyful and comfortable to live in. It sparks openness.. Catalysts creative flow.. Incites union and cohesion. And, what’s more, your kindness will come back to you one way or another! So very proud of my sweet boy. Leading with kindness.

– Jessica Smith, B.S.